Interview with Team GB Athlete Tom Upfold - Top 5 tips for Triathlon

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Could you run a marathon?

Thats 26.2 miles of grit and determination that would be enough to challenge even the most dedicated of athletes. But for some that's not enough...

What about if you had to cycle 112 miles before that marathon?

Thats around the distance between London and Calais, France. Does this sound like a challenge yet?

How about if you had to swim 2.4 miles as a warm up to that cycle… in open water.

This is the pinnacle of athletic ability.

It's endurance on a whole new level.

Welcome to the world of IRONMAN triathlons.

Today we speak with Team GB & age group champion triathlete, multiple Ironman 70.3 competitor, and all around great guy, Tom Upfold. He'll give us his top 5 tips for beginners, tell us about his experiences and races, and let you know what what he wishes he'd known when he started out in multisport athletics.

OF: Hey Tom, thanks for taking the time to speak with us, tell us a little about yourself.

TU: My name is Tom Upfold, I'm 32 from Surrey, England. I'm a full time self employed hairstylist and I have a real passion for multi sport athletics.

OF: How long have you been doing triathlons?

TU: I first took part in my first triathlon on May 29th 2016. It was the Guildford sprint distance triathlon.

OF: Wow, so you've only been competing for a year. What inspired you to get into triathlons?

TU: I had no real inspiration to get involved in triathlon, it was more a suggestion from my family as I was athletic and looking for a new challenge.

OF: Thats some challenge to take on! How often do you have to train?

TU: Training length really depends on the time of year but I would say between 12-18+hrs a week during race season.

OF: You must have to eat like a horse! What's your diet like to sustain all that work output?

TU: One of the real keys to success in multi sport is diet, and to achieve your goals you really need to focus on keeping you diet clean and healthy. I focus on whole foods with 55-65% of my diet based around carbohydrates. Hydration is another key factor to my successes in both training and racing.

OF: With all that training and eating you must spend your life in the kitchen or on the road, and you have a full time job! What's it like trying to fit all that around your work and social life?

TU: It can be very hard to find the hours in the day to fit in work, training and a social life so I often find that you have to make real sacrifices to achieve your goals. I find the social side is the part that suffers most, but during the off season I make it a priority. I generally start my day at 4.30am and find myself in bed by 8.30-9 on most nights. If I find myself time crunched at any time I make sure the workout is done at high intensity so I can still gain from it.

OF: Multisport makes your training more varied and races 3 x harder. Which discipline did you find easiest/hardest?