How to Burn Belly Fat (and all other fat)

So first things first - it's not possible to 'spot burn' or 'target' belly fat, sorry to tell you. However good news is when you burn fat, some of it will come from your belly and over time you'll get where you want to be.

The road to transforming your health, fitness and body is a long one. Let’s not pretend it’ll be some 6 week walk in the park - although walks in the park will help!

Exercise is obviously necessary, and increasing training volume and intensity will be a must if you’re going to progress.

You can exercise every day but if your nutrition isn’t balanced then you’ll struggle reach your personal aspirations.

Nutrition needs 24/7 focus and will be you’re biggest challenge on the road to a new fitter, healthier you.

So lets break it down for you and make understanding nutrition simple, even if resisting that chocolate doughnut isn’t any easier.

  1. Calories in must be less than Calories out (keep the deficit small at around 200-300 cals per day)

  2. Balance your Macronutrients (Protein, Fat & Carbs)

  3. Eat whole/unprocessed foods

  4. Consider Nutritional timing (post workout meal & intermittent fasting)

Calories in must be less than calories out

In short this means you need to eat less than you burn off each day. Think of a weighing scale, you want to tip the balance towards calories out.

Burn belly fat

Creating this balance is simple enough. Calories in come from food and drinks, calories out comes from exercise and movement. You want the movement to outweigh/be greater than the calories.

Burn Belly Fat

Track your calorie intake using an app on your phone, and track your calorie expenditure using an activity tracker, smart watch or just logging it on a app that can estimate your calorie burn.

You only need a calorie deficit of around 200-300 calories per day. Don’t go beyond this as you will potentially damage your metabolism and do more harm than good.

Balance your Macronutrients