Top 5 Tips for a Fitter & Healthier 2018!

Happy New Year fit fam and welcome to 2018 and your OperationFIT!

As you are reading this, you’ve probably decided to make 2018 your year to be fitter, healthier, stronger, faster and maybe even burn off a few extra inches.

Well you’re in the right place as today we’re going to look at the OperationFIT top 5 tips for a fit, healthy and lean 2018.

Top tip #1: Monitor your progress

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘what gets measured gets managed’ and it applies nicely to your new years fitness and health goals. Find a way to assess your progress towards your goals, and be specific about what you want to achieve.

If you want to run a sub 30 min 5km – then you need to start tracking your distance, pace & time on your runs.

If you want to drop a dress size – then you need to start measuring your waist, hips and chest.

Test where you are starting from and track this progress as it will motivate you to keep going, and more importantly let you know if your hard work is paying off!

Top tip #2: Balance training and rest.

Starting a new exercise and nutrition routine takes will power and some genuine effort. Ease your way into the habit and routine by allowing yourself recovery and time to build up the will and energy to hit the gym. Train 3 times a week not 5, get used to logging your food without restricting calories.

You can build up to more once your body and mind are ready.

Too many people go all out for January and never make it further as they’re too tired, too sore and burnt out. You’re not going to reach your goals in a month so let’s make this a long term change.

Top tip #3: If it’s broke, fix it.

Don’t panic if you’re not making progress, you simply need to make some changes to your plan.

Remember this is a science and if you’re new to it no one expects you to get it right first time. Dentists, doctors, mechanics are all studied and experienced, so are Personal Trainers and Nutritionists. We all need help sometimes, so don’t hesitate to ask someone who knows how.

Top tip #4: Be consistent

This is going to be your YEAR – that’s right 12 months, not just January! If you’ve taken heed of the previous tips then you’ll be set up already to hit this key tip – Be Consistent!