The Benefits of Online Personal Training

Benefits of Online Personal Training

5 benefits of having an online personal trainer

In a world where almost everything is online, online personal training is growing more and more popular. Having an online personal trainer has numerous advantages and one main drawback; the lack of personal contact.

However, with advancing technology today, mobile apps and online portals, an online personal trainer can, at times, provide a superior service to your local gym trainers.

Here are 5 of the top benefits of having an online personal training program.

Cost Effective

Probably one of the biggest draws to online personal training is that the value and cost advantage over face to face personal training.

A month of online personal training is less than a week of one on one session with the average gym personal trainer.

Think of it like this

Gym trainer one on one - £30.00 per session

3 per week = £90.00

4 weeks = £360.00

Online customised training plan 1 month - £60

That’s a massive £300.00 per month cheaper!

Now consider that if you really want to transform your body, for strength, weight loss, competition, the summer holiday etc… you’ll probably be training 3/4 times a week for 24/36 weeks. Now that saving is really adding up.

More Comprehensive service

How often do you contact your gym or one on one gym trainer outside of your sessions each week? How often does your gym contact you? My bet is, not often.

With an Online Personal Trainer they’re probably available via an in app messaging service, email, text, whatsapp or Skype 24/7. Contact can be as regular as needed, and they’ll be checking in with you regularly to ensure you’re working hard and sticking to the plan. After all, you’re the marketing material!

On top of contact, you also have to consider how comprehensive your training plan is - how many times a week do you need to train in order to reach your goals, and can you afford that in one on one sessions? Online Personal Training takes away this constraint and structures a program to optimise your results in a set monthly fee. As many sessions as you need without a mounting cost.

Time and Location