Healthy eating: the first step to great abs!

Ok so those of your who read my earlier post will already know that I love my food, and I lack the will power to so say no to a Five Guys burger and fries! This is why it's so important to create that healthy Food Environment we talked about - how are you getting on with that?

So if you're not going to be eating your way through that enjoyment meal this evening have you thought about what you are going to have? Do you plan your meals in advance, do you shop ahead of time or daily on a meal by meal basis?

When I get hungry is when I hunt for food, there isn't much planning involved. Dive into the fridge and stare for a couple of minutes as if I were going to find the meaning of life in there, realise there is neither a Five Guys, nor the meaning of life in the cold box and head to the shop - still hungry. Have you been there, are you with me?

Once at the shop I now want everything I come across, good, bad, healthy or not. At this point I'm like a child in a sweet shop and my thoughts on what my body needs vs wants are a distant memory. I work hard, I deserve a treat right?

Planning is the key and minimising the opportunity to have to fight with your cravings is vital. Shop when you're not hungry, and have a planned list of what you need. Make your trips to the supermarket as few times each week as possible.

So what do you need?

If it's fresh produce you can't go far wrong, and lean chicken, fish, pork, and beef should be the basis for each meal (unless your a vegetarian of course). Make protein your start point, we'll discuss this more another time.

Have some idea of a meal plan for the week and stick to it as best possible. We all have that dinner out with friends at the last minute, so be flexible and don't kill your social life.

As for tonight, well try this out - it's what I'm having. I'm open to suggestions for a meal name!


1 filleted chicken breast

1 mug of cauliflower rice

1 small red onion

1/2 an orange capsicum pepper

a handful of plum or cherry tomatoes

a fist full of baby leaf spinach

1 teaspoon of red pesto

paprika, garlic and chilli powder to taste

How to:

1. Slice the chicken into strips and mix in a bowl with some paprika and chilli powder

2. Place chicken under a medium heat grill and cook both sides until cooked through

- whilst the chicken is cooking...