Online Personal Training FAQ's

Your questions about online personal training answered

What if I’m totally new to all this fitness stuff?


It can be daunting when you’re new and having suitable support is the key to really enjoying fitness and seeing results. Our online personal training will support you all the way, even as a beginner. Instructional videos to ensure good form, goal tracking and regular contact will support you on your journey. 

Your plan will be created around your experience, if you’re a real novice it’ll all be new, so we’ll start with the basics and build up from there.

How will you customise my online personal training plan, what information do you need?


When you sign up you’ll be sent a link that will take your to your app download.  Once logged in you will provide information about your health, previous exercise, training goals, etc. 


How much contact will I have with my online personal trainer?


Quite simply as much as you need! Through the messaging service on the Operation Fit Online Personal Training App you’ll be able to contact us whenever you need, we’ll be checking in with you weekly, and more often if you’re not logging your workouts or don’t seem to be progressing! 

We want to hold you accountable to your plan keep your motivation up.

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How custom will my nutrition be?


No two people are the same, and that means macros vary from person to person based on your gender, age, goals, schedule and location, fitness level, experience. 

Your caloric intake, macros and nutritional plan will be based off getting the results for you and that means factoring all of the above.

You are the centre of your plan.

How long will it take to reach my goals?


Honestly this depends on your goals and your starting point. Factor in your training availability and how well you adhere to your nutritional plan.

It could be 8 weeks to re-establish some good habits and get back into it, or it could be 12 months to re-invent your body and life.

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When can I get started after I sign up for my online personal training plan?


It's quick as a click, select your plan, head to the buy page, enter your payment details and we'll send your your app access link via email. 

From here you can log in and your package will be scheduled and ready to roll.

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I have some specific needs, such as past injuries. Can I still sign up?


If you are new to training or have any existing injuries or special requirements, all we ask is that you inform us prior to starting a program via the ‘contact us’ option. If for any reason we’re not able to work with you, we’ll let you know before beginning the program and refund your money.

What happens after my online personal training program expires?


Our partnership isn’t limited to your packaged weeks. We have clients that have been working with us for varying amounts of time. Depending on your starting point, if you want to see dramatic results, you will likely need more than 1 package of online personal training. Through progressive training cycles beyond the 1st pack we’ll get you to your goals.

Is it for both men and women?


Absolutely, we have a fairly even split of men and women that use our online personal training services to achieve a range of goals. All programs and nutrition are tailored to individuals.

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