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Personal Training In Manchester

At Operation Fit we will help you achieve your goals.


This is functional training at its very best.


Your goals are our priority and our personal trainers will help you reach them faster and more efficiently.

Is your goal to lose weight, drop inches off your tummy, tone up or lean down?

Want to build muscle or strength?

Need more capacity for a specific sport?

Our personal trainers will help keep you focused and motivated through a series of personalised workouts designed around your body, your needs and your ability. ​


With Personal Training at OperationFIT you can be sure you will maximise your time as our experienced and professional health and fitness experts will guide and support you every step of the way in each and every personal training or online personal training session.


With OperationFIT you have a better chance of success and sustained results.


Our personal trainers will provide diet and lifestyle support and guidance throughout your journey because nutrition is a big factor in achieving your goals.

Training with OperationFIT will also improve your overall health (both mental and physical), give you a better self image and improve your confidence. We want you to be empowered as one of our warriors for fitness.

Strong is the new skinny!

Be a Warrior, join the Revolution 

Lose A Little Weight Daily

Make A Change

Be A #FitnessWarrior


Train in our fully coached CrossFit Classes at CrossFit Ancoats 

Our group classes are run multiple times per day and are suitable for all levels. Our coaches will scale the workout to fit you and ensure you are moving well and efficiently. Our crew will keep you motivated and working hard!

You can book a session or take a membership at


One on one sessions with a dedicated and passionate Personal Trainer.


Maximise your results and reach your goals faster.

Train efficiently and have workouts tailored to your needs and goals.

Increase your chances of success and sustained results.


Friends, family or colleagues can train together with one of our enthusiastic Personal Trainers.

Work together as a team coached by a personal trainer through a series of workouts.

Motivate each other and hold each other accountable to reach your goals.

Personal Trainers In Manchester | One on One, Group & Private Classes

Functional Fitness At It's Best

OperationFIT provide private personal training Manchester city centre.

At OperationFIT we tailor personal training and online personal training to your needs and level, we all have to start somewhere and none of us are elite athletes to begin with.

We’ll assess your experience & fitness level, factor in your goals and then tailor each personal training session to you, making sure it's fun and keeping you motivated on your journey.

We focus on functional health & fitness using natural movements to improve strength, body composition and well-being, all in a fully equipped private gym in Manchester City Centre.  

If your goals are weight loss, fat loss, getting ready for a wedding or getting your beach body ready for the summer, then OperationFIT's experienced and educated personal trainers will be able to accelerate you to success.


Want to tone up or lean down, get the abs you always wanted? Want to be stronger, leaner, more fit?

Maybe you want to do a mud run or improve your overall health for when you're playing with the kids.

Your goals are the driving factor that our friendly and professional Personal Trainers. 

Take the first step and book a consultation, once you're on your way you'll join our #FitnessWarriors, supported by our team and a clan of other warriors just like you.

Everyone has a different path, an individual road to success, and we can help you on the journey to an empowered more healthy you.







Weight Lifting



"It's What You Do Consistently..."
Move Every Day
You Can Achieve

Personal Trainers at OperationFIT are always working on new ways to keep you on target to reaching your goals. We want you to enjoy fun and varied training sessions so use a variety of training tools and modals to keep you progressing.

CrossFit Classes

From battleropes, calisthenics, resistance training, suspension trainers, slam balls, kettlebells, skipping ropes and boxing pads. Thanks to our trainers you will have a choice of weapons in your fight to achieve your goals.

Through a combination of circuit training, high intensity intervals training and resistance training you will smash your goals. 


Achieve More With Personal Training

Body Transformations

Each moment is an opportunity to turn your life around.

It doesn't have to be the new year to take control and reach your goals with a focused, personalised transformation package from OperationFIT.

Work with our personal trainers on a program designed to reach your targets in the quickest possible time. 

OperationFIT offer 8 and 12 week transformation packages both one on one or for couples. You can be sure that with the expert nutritional advice, 3 personal training sessions a week and home workouts to complete - A new YOU will be waiting at the end of your program. 

Diet and nutrition are the hardest area for us all to change.

At OperationFIT, we know that any highly restrictive or fad diet is something you won't be able to stick to so we have a different approach.

We promise no fad diets, only healthy swaps based off your existing eating habits. You'll keep a food diary and we'll go through it to optimise your eating and nutritional balance to reach your goals.


During your initial consultation with our team you'll set your targets, and we'll take your starting measurements to ensure that you're making progress. Those measurements will be taken regularly as part of your package to track your progress and ensure you achieve your goals.

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Personal Training

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